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Layton Truax, D.C.

Dr. Layton Truax is a Chiropractic physician and owner & founder at TrüMove Chiropractic Wellness in Savannah, GA. He has specialized training in sports performance/ injury, muscle therapy, Chiropractic techniques, nutrition, and functional rehabilitation. His philosophy entails a Sports Chiropractic background with a concentration of hands on myofascial manual therapy.

This is unique in treating the muscle, fascia, all connective issues, and then adjusting the joint itself to help fully restore injuries, imbalances, aches/pains, limitations, and syndromes. Once the body is released from tension and properly aligned through Chiropractic adjustments, functional corrective exercise and True movement is practice and prescribed.

He is from Savannah, Georgia where he began to explore his passion for wellness as an overweight, yet talented athlete, specifically in golf. He began experiencing back pain in episodic fashions at a young age. Through treatment of a chiropractor, he began to correlate the importance of chiropractic adjustments, proper biomechanics, and nutrition as he experienced his condition resolve. Dr. Truax made a complete health transformation losing over 70 pounds in the process. He proceeded his golf career collegiality at Newberry College obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Biology. As a collegiate athlete, Dr. Truax saw the level of care the top athletes were receiving and was hooked due to the increase in performance associated with the treatment. Regardless of age, occupation, or specific musculoskeletal condition, Dr. Truax can help you to truly move and live a better life.

Dr. Truax has created quite the tool bag of certifications in his approach to true wellness and healthcare. He is certified as a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) medical practitioner, which uses functional movement screenings to find limitations in the body which will correlate to golfer’s swing, as well as any rotational sport or movement. He is certified in the gold standard of soft tissue muscle therapy called Active Release Technique (ART). These certifications along with others incorporated with his chiropractic techniques allow for a game changing way of life.

This is a gentle, integrated, and specific Chiropractic care most have never experienced. We have some legit services creating some pretty remarkable testimonies. Layton’s training allows him to specialize by addressing muscle imbalance with biomechanics to find dysfunctions in specific movements. Whether you are a professional golfer, high school track runner, or super mom of 4; Dr. Truax will be able to help you function more efficiently and learn how to truly move.


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